• Nitya Garg

Why no interview is a waste of time?

All of us who have ever gone through the process of interview (either the interviewee or the interviewer) are familiar with the multiple challenges that one face. Having been in both the situations (appearing for an interview and taking an interview), I can say this that sometimes both can be stressful situations.

A candidate who is appearing for an interview often judge or assess herself by the result of an interview. When in reality, the result of an interview is usually not solely dependent upon the performance of the candidate. It is possible, that the candidate may have performed well in the interview, yet the results were not in favor of her. Hence, one should always focus on what one can takeaway from that interview and move on, rather than being stuck on the results.

Often, we are too focused on the final destination, that we happen to not think much about the journey. Many opportunities come our way, before we reach our end destination, that we can utilize and play them to our strengths. Let not that one failed interview demotivates us or kill our spirits. Let us think in this way that any such experience is only bringing us one step closer towards our real goal.

The process of hiring can sometimes be a tiring process for the people, who are interviewing, as well. Before any candidate makes to the final selection, an interviewer usually had the experience of taking multiple interviews of other candidates, as well. Rather than thinking about the time spent for those other interviews (where the candidate was not selected) as non-productive time spent, an interviewer can find an opportunity to learn something new from each experience. After all, it will be hard to argue with the fact that no one knows everything.

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